The Philosophers

The Formation of the Philosophers

= Note: Much of this information is not known to the galaxy at large and has been provided for background purposes. Characters wishing to learn this information must make a successful Expertiese: The Philosophers check =

Approximately 15,000 years ago the Jedi council was just beginning to take shape as the ruling body of the Jedi, though it would take several generals to fully do so. At large, the Jedi were still an unorganized philosophy group studying the mysteries of the force on the planet Tython. There they experimented with many aspects of the force.

During this time there lived a Jedi named Kelisa Drightfort. She was a strong woman with a keen eye for the world around here. She belonged to a near human species called the Bizmeth. During her studies, she begun experimenting with the force, using it to manipulate the world around her. She theorized that since the force was an energy field that binds all things together, it could be used to unbind matter and rearrange it to create new properties.

This alarmed many of fellows within the Jedi. They believed that thought the advantages of wielding such power were immense, so to was the possibility that it could used in unethical means. Such power of over the fabric of the universe was too much for any mortal to hold. The Council forbade Kelisa and her followers to practice this art which became known as alchemy.

Kelisa was furious at the Council’s actions. She argued that alchemy posed no more danger than using the force to cloud one’s mind. Alchemy was simply a tool. It was the intention of the wielder of determined its danger. Believing that the possible benefits to the galaxy greatly outweighed the possible dangers, she left the great temple to pursue her studies elsewhere, without the watchful eye of the Council. However, she did not leave alone. She was accompanied by Jen-Den Drightfort (her a husband, a strong warrior), Elric Rosden (a college cerean decent with a mind for engineering) and several other follows whose names have been lost to history.

They travelled deep into the unknown regions of the galaxy, eventually settling down in a small village on a world inhabited by a primitive people who called themselves the Koari. After much negotiation, Kelisa and the Koari came to an agreement. The new comers would be allowed to live among them and the villagers would see that there needs were taken care of. In return, the new comers would act as the Guardians of “Homme”. (It was later revealed that the Koari called their planet “Homme”, not just their village as Kelisa believed. It is unknown whether or not this would have changed her decision had she known what she was getting herself into.)

Happy to be settled, Kelisa continued her study of alchemy while Jen-den took up his blade in defense of their new home, and even the neighboring villages. Elric begun construction of a great city which would be come the center of all knowledge of alchemy. As time went forward, Elric became so entuned with Homme and skilled with alchemy that he was able to alter the magnetic field of the planet to conceal the great city, and eventually the true nature of the planet from sight. From orbit the planet would appear to be a dead ball of rock. The city itself was concealed by fog bank that always seemed to surround the city.

Unbeknownst to Kelsia and the Philosphers, the people of Homme had the ability to establish a natural hive mind through the force. When the Koari leaders pledged their loyalty to the Philosophers, they forced their will upon the rest of their people, and irrevocably bonded them in servitude. The bond grew so strong that it passed on all Koari and their decedents.

And so it was, the Koari would be bound in service to the will of the Great Philosopher, who led the Philosophers.

The Philosophers

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