Nightmare of the Philosophers

Nightmare of the Philosophers is the first campaign in the Skewed Universe Continuum.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Like you’ve never known it before

Star Wars Skewed Universe

Nightmare of the Philosophers

The GALACTIC REPUBLIC, the most powerful force in the galaxy, has grown complacent. Once noble minded senators who fought for the good of the people have become self-serving and corrupt.

The noble JEDI ORDER, protectors of the Republic, watch over the galaxy from their temple on CORUSCANT. Unbeknownst to the Order, their perception has is being clouded, preventing them from seeing the whole picture of galactic events. Jedi have gone missing

While the Order is focused on findings its missing members, a brash young senator, DEFRAN ALENTURE, from the planet DANTAIRE in the outer cluster calls for the Jedi Order to stand trial for the many woes brought upon the galaxy since the knights adopted the position as protectors of the republic, citing the Mandalorian Wars, and numerous Jedi Civil Wars as evidence of their true nature.

In response, the Republic has dispatched a team of topnotch operatives to investigate the situation on Dantaire….

Campaign Summary

Nightmare of the Philosophers is opens 968 ABR, shortly before the opening salvos of the Clone Wars were fired. The campaign followed a group that would later become known as the Foreseen. Although they started as low-level operatives of the Republic, the Foreseen found themselves at the center of events that would shake the galaxy.

The Foreseen

Nightmare of the Philosophers

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