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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Like you’ve never known it before

Star Wars Skewed Universe

Rise of the Fallen

The Clone Wars have ended. They ARMY OF THE PHILOSPHER has been defeated, though peace does not reign. It is a dark time for the galaxy. The evil GALACTIC EMPIRE is wiping away the remnants of the OLD REPUBLIC as EMPEROR PALPATINE tightens his grip on the galaxy. The might of the Imperial military ensures loyalty to the Emperor.

With the ranks of the JEDI thinned by agents of the Empire, they have retreated to an unknown locations to rebuild their order. Few Jedi remain in Imperial space to contest the Emperor’s will.

As the Emperor’s grip on commerce tightens, the need for smuggled goods has never been greater, creating a golden age for smugglers. Numerous smuggling cartels have popped up across the galaxy. One of these cartels is the BLOOD CROSS. Led by RAV THE GREAT, the Blood Cross has become a force to be reckoned with in the criminal underworld. As members of the Blood Cross, the crew of MYNOCK HUNTER has set out to make a name for themselves in the galaxy running spice from NARR SHADDAA to CORELLIA‚Ķ.


Rise of the Fallen is an Infinities Star Wars Campaign set during the Dark Times Era. An Infinities campaign examines the course of events that might have transpired had one small detail in Star Wars cannon been changed. That event, known as a schism point, creates the skewed universe or alternate timeline. The schism point for the Skewed Universe continuum occured during the final battle of the Russan campaign and let to the rise of the Philosophers.

Rise of the Fallen beings during the Dark Times where Emperor Palpatine tightens his control on the galaxy. It follows a band of smugglers and pirates who each have suffered their own fall. After one falls, it is the struggle of how they pull themselves back up that defines their character How they deal with their demons may determine whether the light of the fledgling Alliance to Restore the Republic will begin to burn brightly or be stuffed out by the power of darkness.

Prior Campaign

Rise of the Fallen is the second campaign in the Skewed Universe Continuum. The previous campaign, Nightmare of the Philosphers, opened during the lead up to the clone wars and continued to just prior to the end of the war. It followed the exploits of the Foreseen, a group of heroes who held the fate of the galaxy in their hands. Their choices, and eventual fall allowed the Empire to win the Clone Wars and bring about the Dark Times.

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