Star Wars Skewed Universe: The Rise of the Fallen

Episode VIII: Have You Seen Rolo?

With knowledge of the Tempest’s location in hand, the party set about gathering information on the Red Krayte Dragons strong hold. The compound was located on the edge of Mos Eisely. The Kryate Dragons (RKD), thanks to the backing of Boma the Hutt, enjoyed significant control of Mos Eisely. Knowing that they could be significantly outnumbered, the heroes gather some information.

Neris Mikata investigates one of smaller shipping operations at the spaceport after noticing that space traffic into and out of Mos Eisely seemed lighter than she imagined for a city of this size. After talking to a grizzly rodain dock Forman, she learned that many of the spacers were choosing to sit tight planet side due to the Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit. No one knows why they’re here, but stormtroopers have been spotted in the city. She then headed towards sales row, visit ship dealers to see if she spotted the Temepst. Fortunately she didn’t.

Mace and Myla took there investigations undercover in the RKD territory. They eventually found themselves in the Dragon’s Den, RKD cantina. Even though they were doing their best to keep a low profile, it wasn’t long before they attracted RKD attention. Just after ordering his getting his second drink, Mace notice two guys at the bar starring at him and motioning his way. He took that as a que to leave. Before he could get out the bar, they approached. The larger of two asked Mace if was the Raging Gundark Champion. Upon revealing that he was, the manage became ecstatic, introduced himself as Relos. He proceeded to talk to the Champ for the for next hour, pulling more of his friends into the conversation as he went. Soon, there were four RKD at the same table as Mace. Myla, who was busy flirting with someone at the bar finally noticed Mace’s situation and joined him.

Mace had been using Relos’s the “fan-boy” admiration of him to get information and learned that he was in process of junking some kind of YT-ugly they had acquired. Believing that the ship was the Tempest, Mace sent a message to his friends, who were across town, telling them to meet at this location. Things in the bar quickly got out of hand, when Rolo, a zabreck RKD who had been listening to conversation at the table with increasing frustration stood up, downed his drink and slammed it onto the table, breaking the glass. When Myla protested, he knocked her back off of the chair and turned to face Mace. Rolo had just issued a personal challenge to the Raging Gundark Champion when, Myla jumped up behind him, and burred her vibroblade several times into his back. Rolo hit the floor. Fan-boy was stunned by the action. His friend, who had followed him to the table, named Chyle, drew a blaster and stunned Myla. He was going to take her back to their base .

This was about the time rest of the party arrived, sans Neris who was still ship shopping. Antaris, posing as a bounty hunter, tried unsuccessfully to claim Myla as his bounty. Following some failed grenade diplomacy, a fight erupted, with the party victoriously defeating the RKDs in the cantina. Mace used his medical knowledge to save the life of Rolo. He carried him out of the bar during the fire fight, hoping to save something of the good will he had garnered in the RKD. After the fight, the party took Rolo to a rented storage space, where they intended to procure his help. After a brief interrogation, he called his friends to come pick him up. Mace knocked him unconscious and left him in the crate.

With time running out to save the Tempest, the decision was made to enter the RKD stronghold. Myla and Nerus disguised themselves as RKD and sneak in under the premises that they were “looking for Rolos.” The rest of the party followed a minutes behind them. The doors to the barracks and the mess were locked from the outside to prevent RKD from exiting. On the sublevel, they found jail cells. Waiting for them was an ambush, with several stormtroopers, battle droids and Inquisitor Syphem. Locked in the holding cells behind them were Calista Amell and their wookie friend. At the conclusions of the epic battle, Syphem had fled, unsuccessful in recovering the Blood Cross from Neer Kento. Calista revealed the Allum and Kala had been sold; their whereabouts unknown. They made their way up to the hanger and recovered the Tempest. As they exited the hanger, the The Juggernaut begun to rain turbolaser fire down onto the city of Mos Eisley.



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