Star Wars Skewed Universe: The Rise of the Fallen

Episode XIV: Knock Knock...

The party had barely escaped the cleaver trap laid for them by Inquisitor Syphem, only to do something incredibly more foolish. Fly into the heart of the enemy strong hold, the The Juggernaut. After contacting Syphem and agreeing to deliever the Twins to him, they were brought into one of the Juggernaut’s hanger bay.

Once inside, Vexx opened fire with the Tempest’s quad cannons and fired a concussion missile into the hanger control room, releasing the Imperial hold on the Tempest. Using the confusion to their advantage, the party launched a two prong attack/rescue mission. Antaris) and one of Neris’s IG-100 bodyguards would head to the prison block to rescue Antari’s family, Rav, Calista, and any other members of the captured Blood Cross aboard.

The rest of the party (minus Neris, who stayed behind wanting no part of the “suicide mission,” and sent her two droids in her place) would head to engineer to cause as much trouble as they could. After fighting their way to the engineering deck, they set explosive charges throughout the engine room, damaging a significant portion of the ship’s reactor systems and knocking out power throughout the ship.

Antrais sneaked his way to the detention block. He successfully rescued Rav and his family through some thrilling heroics and escaped via an appropriated Lambda class shuttle. Meanwhile, the party headed back to the Tempest while Neer headed to the confront Syphem on his observation deck.

Neer attempted to get the drop on Syphem by packing the twins into blocks of C-12 and throwing them into the room. The Inquisitor managed to avoid the resulting explosion and engaged Neer. Without the power of the Twins, Neer was no match for the experienced Inquisitor and was swiftly cut down.

The rest of the party waited aboard the Tempest for Neer to return. When he didn’t, they left the hanger bay and took advantage of the Juggernaut’s lack of shields to leave Syphem a parting gift he wouldn’t forget: a magazine’s worth of concussion missiles into the bridge of ship.



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