Former Captain of the Mynock Hunter, Captain of the Tempist , Member of the Blood Cross


Vexx stands roughly two meters tall with blond hair and a roughly unshaven face. He favors long trench coats and often has a blade of some sort close at hand.



  • Responsibility 10: Vexx is a Captain within the Blood Cross criminal organization. He has a responsibility to Rav the Great, the founder and leader of the Blood Cross, the fellow members of the Blood Cross, and to the crew members of the Tempest.

Vexx is an extraordinary pilot and a life long member of the Blood Cross. The way the pirate captain tells it. he was behind the controls of a freighter before he learned to walk.


  • Relationship – Extended Family/Clan: Vexx will do anything for a member of Blood Cross. He will drop anything to help a “Blood Brother” in need.
  • Ambition – Greed: Vexx enjoys making money. He deeply enjoys making money. Did I mention he likes money.


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