Blood Cross

The Blood Cross is a criminal syndicate led by Rav the Great, a charismatic-ruthless smuggling king. Rav has a fleet of some 60 ships that fly under his banner. The entire organization has two thousand members and operates from the Kestral. The Kestral was built from the wreckage of a Venator-Class Star Destroyer.

Type: Crime Syndicate

Enemies: The Blood Cross has gathered quite a few enemies over the years from law enforcement to other criminal elements. Law enforcement officials, especially the Sector Rangers, are constantly trying to shut down various Blood Cross cells in their home sectors. Other crime syndicates, such as the Black Sun and the Hutt Clans, dislike the Blood Cross honing on their turf, and have taken steps to destroy the smuggling ring and its members. Despite the opposition, the Blood Cross is on the rise and has even begun extending its hands to taking bounties, which has upset the bounty hunters guild.

Scale: 14 (multiple Sectors)

Organization Score Criteria: Becoming a member of the Blood Cross involves being recruited by an active member. Either the existing member vouches for the new member with his life or the new member must bring some form of collateral (starship, cash, information, family member, etc). All members are tattooed with a bloodcross on their shoulder.

Blood Cross

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