Antaris Personal Log

After fleeing the Juggernaut, I flew to the nearby smuggler’s moon of Nar Shadaa. There I was able to discreetly sell the shuttle I had commandeered for my escape and re-equip myself at the local black market. Needing to find transport back to Correllia, I quickly hurried to the docking bay to see if anyone would be willing to provide me with a ride. After talking with a few of the Captains without success, I was confronted by a confident and roguish young woman with skin of scarlet. Her name was Nerus. She and her crew were headed for Correllia, and had room for another passenger. It was odd, however, that she only asked 200 credits for the journey. Obviously this woman has no concept of monetary value.

The ride was uneventful, but I was able to learn a few things about the crew of this ship. Apparently, most of them are members of the Bloodcross, a smuggling syndicate under a man named Rav. Seems that the Captain, Vexx, is Rav’s cousin. All of the crew seem fit to fight, which might prove useful if the Empire has beaten me to my home.

As we neared the planet, I hailed my brother, Voltaire. Being a member of CorSec, I was hoping that he would be able to find a way to get us landing clearance. Unfortunately, it was expensive. I ended up paying most of what I had made from selling the ship so he could bribe a few corrupt officials. As we came out of hyperspace my greatest fears were realized. There looming before us was the Juggernaut, they had beaten us here.

We arrived on the planet and were greeted by Voltaire and his partner. Taking their gunship, and with the company of the crew from the transport, we made our way to the apartment. Imperials were already in the building. Not wanting to be seen, I sent other on ahead of me to assess the situation. A group of 10 guards were about to break into my apartment, but luckily had not yet been able. As a couple members of my new team began to cut in to my apartment from above, I entered the building through another entrance with the rest of the party. Flanking the hallway with the Imperial security detail, we began to blast our way in. If anything, this would at least allow the others to get my family out of the apartment.

After a short battle, we were able to subdue the guards and escape the building. Both Sara and Mira were OK. As we flew through the city, we were accompanied by the gunship along with 4 speeders. Despite this setback, the crew was able to pull together. Through expert flying and gunning, we were able to shoot down the gunship and its speeder escort. Unfortunately, my brother’s partner didn’t make it. Landing shortly thereafter to ditch the gunship, we thought we were finally going to be able to shake the Imperials. My worst fears were realized when another gunship suddenly appeared. I watched as by brother was blown apart as a missile found its mark in our gunship. Sara, grabbing Mira, took off as another missile flew towards us. Losing control as it exploded nearby, Sara’s speeder was sent off-course into a nearby subway tunnel and exploded.

All is lost. They will pay.

After the incident, Vexx and his crew still needed to deliver their package, which I assumed contained illegal goods. I insisted on coming along as I needed something to distract my thoughts away from my family. It was a dark and rainy when we made the drop, but everything went as planned and the transaction was made. I’m glad that some things go right every once and a while.

Sara and I had decided upon a safe house that we could meet up at in an emergency. If there was any chance that my wife and daughter survived the crash, they would be at the safe house. I took one of our commandeered speeders to the rather rustic appearing bar in the lower class zone of the strip. After making sure that I wasn’t followed, I walked in. Taking a place at the bar, I gave the usual secret sign to Ms. Adler who provided me with a keycard to the backroom. I was then met by good ol’ Jem Adler who greeted me with a blaster pointed at my head. Once the formalities were over with, we both took a seat. It was good to see a friendly face, but it was all too apparent that my wife and child were nowhere to be seen. I spent the next several hours catching Jem up to speed about my current situation and gave him the encryption code to my communicator if my family were to arrive in the next few days. In return, he gave me a death stick. I remember now why I quit all those years ago.

Shortly after returning to the ship, Nerus confronted me with additional information. She was able to locate a bystander who was in the subway when the crash took place. According to her informant, both my wife and daughter may have survived the crash, but were taken away by Imperials.

Hope is not lost. There may still be a chance that my family is alive, and if they are, I am going to find them.

I wanted to help my new comrades, so I passed them the coordinates of a starship battle from the clone wars. The graveyard should contain ships of various sizes and models with enough loot to make any scoundrel piss himself. Hopefully, this gesture will improve my standing within the group, since I will need all the help I can get to get my family back. While I am still unsure if it will be necessary to join the Blood Cross, for now, this will do.

We just barely survived a hyperspace jump into the middle of an asteroid field. This never would have happened on an Imperial vessel! I am going to make a recommendation to Vexx to update the NAV computer, but for now we need to get this piece of crap repaired. It is a good thing we are on our way to a starship graveyard, perhaps we can patch this thing together with the parts we find.

The salvaging is going along smoothly. Unfortunately, it turned out that the ship we docked to was infested with what Vexx called sucker-stars, a silicon/carbon based lifeform that feeds off of ship electronics and human bones. They were not too difficult to deal with, but may have infected two of our crew mates, Mila and Niko. Aside from that, we have been able to jump start the power-core and with a little finesse on my part, activate the gravitation stabilizers and life support systems. If we work quickly, we should be able to get a hefty bounty for our spoils.

We have arrived at a nearby shadowport that Vexx says is affiliated with his organization. I still haven’t gotten used to being in the slums again. After all these years, I thought that I had put those days behind me. Niko and Mila are better after visiting a local surgeon. As I write this, Nerus and Vexx are negotiating the price of our cargo. I hope that they don’t get ripped off.

It seems that our successful scavenging run has attracted the attention of another Bloodcross captain, one by the name of Nodell. It took some convincing, but I eventually was able to get the team to agree upon leading Nodell to another, but smaller, debris field to keep him off our backs. While I understand that I am now on the other side of the law, I refuse to kill or steal unnecessarily.

We have arrived, but Nodell is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he had entered the wrong coordinates into his NAV computer. Either way, now that we are here we might as well see if there is anything useful in the debris field. Mila just noticed what appears to be a derelict stealth ship nearby, perhaps it will hold something useful.

There is still no sign of Nodell. The crew is investigating the stealth ship, while Vexx and I are on-board the Mynock Hunter. We are maintaining radio silence just in case Nodell decides to show up and cause trouble, but I’m starting to think that if he was going to arrive, he would have done it already.

I was surprised when the crew hauled in their cargo. It was a girl encased in a crystalline containment field! I wonder who she is. Unfortunately, the ship self destructed after they left. It might have contained useful technology if we had time to explore it again.

I can’t believe that she did that! Neris, in her infinite wisdom has released the girl from the containment field! I quickly grabbed Vexx and my blaster, and headed to the cargo bay. I was relived to see that nothing bad had happened. For all we know, this girl is a force user like Neer and could use her power to tear apart the ship! She seemed docile enough and mentioned that her name was Kalla. I noticed that she was a Miraluka and given that, probably a force user. We got her to a room and let her recover as she seemed to be unwell and suffering from amnesia. Perhaps he memory will come back soon and she will tell us more about where she came from.

When we arrived back at the shadowport, we found that Nodell had a collision when he dropped out of hyperspace. Perhaps he was the one who made that gash in the side of the stealth vessel we explored.

We returned to Home to complete some salvaging and while there decided to scan the planet. It seems there are still signs of sentient life and energy signatures indicating technology.

While looking for a job, an old Rhodian approached us. He explained that 3 months prior, his family had been abducted and sent to work as slaves at a mining facility on Outpost Gamma 2. Unfortunately, he is offering little in payment. I know what it is like to lose the people you love and would like to help him if we can. I have called a meeting to discuss the matter with the rest of the crew.

The crew agreed to help! We have been investigating the matter and have discovered that the facility is overseen by a Commander Rolan. He often hosts hunting challenges in the jungle and we have reason to suspect that he murders some of the workers during these events. We intercepted an email to another officer with the date of the next hunt. After a long discussion, we have decided to pose as ISB agents on a routine inspection run. With a little luck, we will be able to infiltrate the facilty.

We have successfully convinced Lt. Tobel, the officer in the email that we are ISB. So far so good.

We have arrived on Outpost Beta 2 and been given rather posh quarters. This place is more elaborate than any mining facility I’ve been to. It reminds me more of the casinos on Coruscant. Our ploy seems to be working perfectly and Commander Rolan has given us a tour of the mine. There has been no sign of the Rodian brothers. Tonight the commander has invited our entire crew to dinner and he is going to serve Terg. I am looking forward to it.

That plan went to shit real quick! It seems that our disguises were a little too flawless. Commander Rolan, not wanting to be investigated, arrested our crew. After drugging us at dinner, we were dragged or carried down to the prison cells where the Rodians and other hunters were kept in between matches. Neris was able to use that sly tongue of hers to convince the guards that helping us was in there best interest. Something about another ship on the way, brilliant!. They dropped her a code cylinder for the cells which we used to escape once the crew had completely recovered from the effects of the poison. After freeing the rest of the prisoners, we made our way back to the ship. With a little help from the wookie and the other prisoners, we loaded back onto our ship and blasted out of there, destroying the landing platform on our way out of the atmosphere. We should be arriving back at the shadowport in a few hours. I am going to go speak to the Rodians to see how they are doing.

It was nice to do some good for a change. This was why I joined the Imperial Navy, to help make the galaxy a better place. All it seems that the empire is doing these days is cause people trouble, myself included. The old Rodian handed me his personalized sniper rifle as a reward for reuniting him with his family, which I kindly accepted. I could not help but think of Sara and Mira. Please let them be ok. Hopefully new leads will present themselves shortly.

1.5yr Advancement

I thought that the Juggernaut was only able to haunt me in my dreams. I was wrong. Our crew was attending Rav’s birthday celebration, and Vexx had just gutted Ko’del in a vicious knife fight when they attacked. The Juggernaut along with 10 support vessels had us surrounded. The base was on red alert, sirens filled our ears as we made a frantic dash towards the hanger. As we tried to blast our way through, we were faced with the last thing I would expect to see fighting with the Imperials, a Jedi. Rav cut us off to let us escape. It is impossible to tell if he is dead or alive. His bodyguard Calisto is currently on board our ship and she is taking it pretty hard. It will take some time to figure things out. I sent a message to the Bothans I rescued from Desolation Alley, they told me they would find out all they could about the incident.

Addendum: I am dissappointed in Neer’s actions on the station. He had no right to take the ceremonial daggers from Rav. If this comes back to bite us in the ass, I am going to fuck his shit up.

We are currently in hiding on the planet Rinn, Neris knew an acquaintance there. Shortly after we arrived, the Bothans had a response. Turns out the Bothan that had been tracking the Juggernaut was found dead with a code cylinder that had the following corrupted message:
An image of a woman with blue hair was also revealed. Neer recognized the woman as Bavi, a master force user from Homme. We found out that the Bomarr are an order of monks currently stationed on Tatooine. We decided to head there to find out any information we could.

We found the monastery, but our camp was jump by a band of sand people. We made short work of them and will be heading to meet the Bomarr at dusk.

After we approached the temple, we were greeted by a blind man sitting outside the entrance. Despite his rather innocent appearance, I had a feeling that he was more than what he seemed. My suspicions were confirmed when we learned that the man was Rhom Kota, a Jedi master. He had been hiding with several other refugees of the Jedi order in the Bomarr temple. A discussion between the elders, myself, and Neer revealed some interesting information. The blue haired woman, whom Neer suspected to be Bavi of the planet Homme had given the Philosophers meditation stone to the Jedi for safe keeping. Rolan, who was also in the message, was an adviser to the Philosopher. During our discussion, I received an important message from the Bothans. Their spies had learned that Syphem is an imperial inquisitor who had taken command of the Juggernaut star destroyer. They also informed me that the Juggernaut was on their way to the Outer Rim. Just then the feed was terminated. I tried to recontact Alim, but there was no answer. Something must be jamming the signal and I suspect that the Juggernaut is already in orbit. Just as I rejoined the table, Vexx told me that he just received a call from Alim. The Tempest is under attack. I will resume personal log 007 after we arrive at our ship.

Our ship is no longer where we left it and we have only been able to contact the wookie, which was no help since we have yet to give him a personal translator. I fear that our ship and our friends have been captured by the Empire. We are currently heading back to the monastery. Hopefully the Jedi will be willing to help us.

I don’t even know where to begin. This never would have happened if I was still on an Imperial ship. How can you not realize that forward mounted missiles require several hundred meters to turn?!? Not only were we nearly killed, but we destroyed the Bomarr temple and killed many of its inhabitants including a Jedi! Sometimes I wonder if I’m fighting for the right side.

I was able to find the location of our ship. It seems that it was stolen from the desert by Krayt Dragons. Killing them has given us the element of surprise, but I don’t think I have killed in cold blood since the Clone Wars. What has become of me?

Of all the people I expected to attract unwanted attention, the last person I expected it from was Myla. Stabbing that thug in front of that many people? What was she thinking?!? I can’t believe what has become of our crew, myself included. We barely made it off of Tattooine alive. From this point forward, I am going to take a more active role in the management of this crew. If it means being more strict, so be it. This bullshit has gone on for long enough.

008.1 Addendum
I have had some time to clear my head and I keep thinking about the events that happened in the Krayt dragon base. I wonder what that inquisitor Syphem is after. He seemed to be focused on Neer during the fight, perhaps… Could it be the daggers? I will need to talk to Neer about this. If those daggers are what he is after, keeping them on our ship will attract unwanted attention and may get us killed. I never should have let neer take them in the first place. I will contact the Bothans shortly, perhaps they have some information on Syphem’s recent targets.

Antaris Personal Log

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