Star Wars Skewed Universe: The Rise of the Fallen

Episode II: A Heart Turned to Stone
New Friends and Lost Family

[ Campaign Date: 985 ABR ]

Upon arriving back at the  The Mynock Hunter’s docking bay, they found their ship beset by Red Krayte Dragons goons. Instead of fighting to get their ship back, Neris Mikata contacts Nulla the Hutt who employs them and informs her that one of her gangs is blocking their path preventing them from returning to their ship and making money for Her Largeness. The Hutt was most displeased and sent some of his men to “deal” with the situation. They made quite a mess.

Prior to departing Nar Shaddaa, Neris decides to try and increase their profit from the trip by finding passengers heading to Corellia, the source of their spice delivery. She found a passenger named Antaris who was looking to go. While enroute to Corellia, Antaris asked the crew of the Mynock Hunter if they would be willing to help him smuggle his wife and daughter off planet. They agreed, for a price, which Antaris was willing to pay.

As they approached Corellia, Antaris contacted his brother Voltaire Volaris, a member of the Corellian Security Forces, who bribed the appropriate officials to get the Mynock Hunter past the customs check point and safe landing. When they arrived in space around Corellia, the Juggernautt was already in orbit above the planet. Once they set down, they were greeted by Voltaire and his partner, Dalia Solenfell. They made their way to the pickup point. Imperial troops were already there. After a short fight they rescued Antaris wife and daughter, Sara Volaris and Mira.

Unfortunately, their luck would not last. They managed to shake their initial wave of pursuers through some fancy flying and shooting, though Dalia was killed in the process. They decided to ditch the gunship and head out on speeder bikes. Just as they finished unloading the speeders, another gunship arrived and launched a mass driver missile, which destroyed their LAAT gunship, killing Voltaire who was still aboard. Sara panicked, grabbed Mira, and tore off on her speeder bike as another missile exploded nearby. The explosion caused Sara to loose control of the swoop as it was sent off-course into a nearby subway tunnel and exploded.

Heartbroken, Antaris vowed revenge for murder of wife and daughter, as they made their escape on the remaining swoops.

For the Player Perspective see the Personal Log of Antaris

Episode I: The Chadra-fan with the Plan
The first time out for the crew of the Mynock Hunter

[ Campaign Date: 985 ABR ]

The campaign opens on the smuggler moon of Nar Shaddaa. Our heroes are looking for work after successfully delivering a shipment from Corellia. Naris and Neer head to the bar to see if they can’t dig up some. Neris’s goal was to find a couple of people arguing about money, believing that she could insert herself into the argument and turn it to their advantage. She didn’t have to wait long before spotting a potential marks, a small chadrafan and a large human merc. The chadra-fan, named Squeek, was a recruiter for the Red Krayte Dragons, an up and coming criminal organization. Squeek appeared to be threatened by the merc, who was unknowingly a potential recruit for the gang.

Seeing this a good time to insert herself into the situation, Neria mentioned that they could do the job cheaper. The potential recruit took offense to this, and ended up in an altercation with Neris who shot him in the face after he made a lewd comment. Prior to shooting him, Neris had mentioned that she worked for Rav and was a member of the Bloodcross. Seeing that his potential inductee had just been iced by a rival gang member, Squeek took the opportunity to round up some pay back. He thanked Neris for her help and she gave Squeek the contact information for Vexx. With card in hand, Squeek headed find Vexx.

Vexx had just finished refueling the Mynock Hunter when Squeek arrived. The small chadra-fan offered a sum of 600 credits to pick up a package from Trans-galactic Freight and deliver it to him. After some petty negotiations, Vexx agreed. Neris and Neer returned to ship a little later with a second job in hand, this one was to smuggle spice for Nulla the Hutt to Corellia for 7,000 credits.

They party headed to the Trans-galactic Freight warehouse to pick up the package. On arrival they were brought to the package which was at a 4-way intersection of isles in the warehouse. It proved to be a trap as they were attacked by Squeek’s gang, 8 in total, using a variety of blasters and even a vibro-axe. Neer was forced draw his lightsaber, which announced his presence as some kind of jedi. The party was pretty roughed up in the battle, but Mila shone through, downing over half of the gang with some fancy trigger work. After mopping up the gangers, they licked their wounds and made for the Mynock Hunter. They had just announced themselves to the Red Krayte Dragons, who would certainly be looking for them.


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