Neer Kento

Nagai, Reborne Jedi, Former General of the Philosopher's Army


Neer Kento – PL 6

Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 1, Awareness 1, Presence 1

Chokehold, Defensive Roll, Equipment 4, Improved Initiative, Languages 1, Leadership, Luck, Trance, Uncanny Dodge

Acrobatics 4 (6), Athletics 4 (6), Close Combat: Lightsaber 2 (6), Expertise: Tactics 7 (8), Expertise: The Force 6 (7), Expertise: The Philosphers 6 (7), Insight 4 (5), Intimidation 4 (5), Investigation 4 (5), Perception 3 (4)

Force Abilities
Deflect Defense: Deflect 7 (the force; Reflect; Quirk: Requires Lightsaber, Reduced Range: close)
Enhanced Senses
Senses: Senses 5 (Precognition, Ranged: Detect Force, Advantages: Force Assessment)
Telekinesis: Move Object 4 (800 lbs.; Increased Range: perception; Check Required 5: DC 15 – Expertise: The Force)
Force Boost
Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Agility 1 (the force, 1 AGL)
Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Dexterity 1 (the force, 1 DEX)
Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Fighting 2 (the force, 2 FGT)
Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Stamina 1 (the force, 1 STA)
Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 1 (the force, 1 STR)
Leaping: Leaping 2 (the force, Leap 30 feet at 8 miles/hour)
Speed: Speed 2 (the force, Speed: 8 miles/hour, 120 feet/round)
Force Choke: Enhanced Trait 1 (Advantages: Chokehold)
Force-Sensitivity: Senses 1 (Awareness: Force, Advantages: Improved Initiative, Luck, Uncanny Dodge)
Lightsaber (Easily Removable)
Lightsaber: Strength-based Damage 4 (energy, DC 21; Penetrating)
Merr-Son 434 “DeathHammer”: Blast 4 (DC 19; Quirk: Move Action to reload on a natural 1)
Robes: Immunity 2 (Environmental Condition: Heat, Environmental Condition: Cold; Limited – Half Effect)
Robes: Protection 1 (+1 Toughness)
Swinging: Movement 1 (technological, Swinging)

Gauntlets (Brass Knuckles), Merr-Son 434 “Death Hammer” [Merr-Son 434 “DeathHammer”: Blast 4, DC 19; Quirk: Move Action to reload on a natural 1], Robes [Robes: Immunity 2, Environmental Condition: Heat, Environmental Condition: Cold; Limited – Half Effect; Robes: Protection 1, +1 Toughness], Utility Belt (Aquatica Breather 1, Comm-ink II (Smart-phone) 2, Grappling Hook [Swinging: Movement 1, technological, Swinging], Holo-map 1, Holo-projector 1, Ration Capsules 1)

Initiative +6
Gauntlets, +4 (DC 18)
Grab, +4 (DC Spec 12)
Lightsaber: Strength-based Damage 4, +6 (DC 21)
Merr-Son 434 “DeathHammer”: Blast 4, +2 (DC 19)
Telekinesis: Move Object 4 (DC 14)
Throw, +2 (DC 17)
Unarmed, +4 (DC 17)

Code of Conduct: Code of the Philosophers
Hatred: The Empire/Republic
Motivation: Patriotism: The Philosphers

Basic, Nagaian

Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 5, Toughness 4/2, Will 3

Power Points
Abilities 18 + Powers 33 + Advantages 8 + Skills 22 (44 ranks) + Defenses 11 = 92

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The wind howled billowing his black cloak out behind him. Garren’s red and black armor creek as he shifted his weight from his left foot to his right foot. The storm had arrived. The scene before him was bleak. Republic troops were readying their attack. Soon it would all be over. Unless they stood firm here, Homme would fall, and their dreams of living outside the Republic’s control along with it.

“This battle is yours General,” said the silky smooth, yet commending voice of the Philosopher. He reached up and placed a gloved hand on the taller man’s shoulder. “So long as we stick to plan as foretold, nothing can stand against us.”

Their leader’s word offered some measure of comfort. After all, he had lead them this far. He had remade them in the glory of the Force, taken them on their first steps into a much larger world. Each and every one of them would fight to their last breath to defend his dreams.

“Carry on men. May the Force be with you.” With that the Philosopher turned to leave, the sounds of soil crunching beneath his boots slowly faded away into the fog. The battle was in his hands now as it had been so many times before. General Garren Neer reached down and removed the black and red faceplate from the hook on his belt. He slowly reached up and affixed it into place. As he did, the two men standing behind him at either shoulder made their final preparations. The galaxy knew them as Grey Cloaks, the vanguards of the Philosopher. Identified by their granite grey cloaks, their order had spread the Philosopher’s message across the galaxy rallying millions to their Lord’s cause. They were the enforcers of his will. In addition to the power of the dark side, they wielded massive maul-like power hammers with ease.

“It is time,” said the General. No sooner had he spoke then did the Republic forces launch their assault.


The hum and flash of his sliver lightsaber filled the air around Neer as his blade carved through the clone soldiers of the Republic. Though they had been conditioned for combat, their skill was no match for the prowess of the General. With the Force at his command, he tossed them aside if they were not but rag dolls. That is, until his counterpart found him. The deep mechanically assisted breathing of the Dark Lord Vader seemed to rise above the whine of the blaster fire and announce his presence. The skull like visage of Vader’s mask seemed to pierce the very being of the Garren Neer. Darth Vader had sought him. Only one of them would way from this field.
General Neer smiled behind his mask as he begun to slowly flourish his saber side to side. He had been waiting for this moment. Stepping over the corpse of the clone he had just fallen, Neer slowly made his way towards the Dark Lord.
“So Vader, you’ve finally come to fight me,” he said with a hint of mirth to his voice
“You cannot hope to win Neer. You are no Jedi or Sith, just some experimental poor imitation by a fool. Serve the Emperor, and we’ll show you the true power of the Dark Side,” proclaimed the Dark Lord.
“I already have a master, Vader, one far more powerful than yours,” hissed the General as the darkside coursed through him.

With that the General stuck with a blast of lightning from his out starched hand. Vader easily brought up his saber to parry the attack. Neer didn’t wait for Vader to counter-attack. He launched a savage strike against him, allowing the power of the force to flow through him. Channeling his rage, Neer side stepped his Vader’s swipe, spun, and guided his blade in an arc for Vader’s head. Vader was much faster and more cunning than Neer had anticipated. Ducking below the strike, Vader turned and send a telekinetic shockwave into the General’s back sending him sprawling. He was quickly on his feet. The two exchanged blows, each skillfully parrying the other’s strikes. Unfortunately for the General, the Force was not with him that day for the Dark Lord’s next strike found home.

Neer Kento

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