Star Wars Skewed Universe: The Rise of the Fallen

Episode VII: Blood of the B'omarr

After surviving the assault by the tuskin raider scouts, the group decided to head up to B’omarr temple a little earlier then planned. They were greeted at the door by a blind man, sitting on a rock next to the door, who questioned they had sought out the Bo-Marr. After a few minutes of conversation, they entered the temple. After being greeted by one the monks, they were taken to dinner for a conversation with the temple elders.

The elders eventually revealed themselves as Jedi. General Obi-wan Kenobi had come to Tatooine after the rise of the Empire. He brought his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker and his wife Padme, and their two children, Leia and Luke. Over time they were joined at the temple by numerous other Jedi and their own apprentices. Obi-wan knew of the Jedi Enclave that had formed on Ossus, but wise chose to stand apart to protect their numbers. Here they could hide from the Empire. A year ago they ran into a woman named Bavi, one of the Philospher’s Lieutenants, and took the Philospher’s stone. They believe it to be some type of meditation crystal, a force sink. Ever since then they have used it to conceal themselves from the empire and rebuild their order. Once they were ready, they would challenge the empire to take back the Republic.

After a brief conversation with Master Kenobi, Vexx received an emergency transmission from Calista aboard The Tempest. They were under attacked. The party raced to the ship’s location but there was no sight of their ship when they arrived. It had been stolen. Unbeknownst to the heroes, The Juggernaut entered orbit above them on Tatooine and dispatched four drop ships down to the planet, Syphem had found the location of the Philosopher’s Stone, and was looking to collect.

Having no where else to go, the party returned to the B’omarr Temple to see it surrounded by four LAAT/8 gunships, parked on the ground outside the temple, with troops troops likely already inside. Knowing that they had to do something to help, the party sprang into action and made their way down to the garage at the bottom of the temple, where two of the ships had landed. Thanks to Droidika’s heavy weaponry, they made short work of the ship’s crews, damaging the ship controls in the processes.

They were there were two other ships up at the other entrance, so the decision was made to use the ship’s mass driver missiles to destroy the other ships, removing one of the edges their troops had. Unfortunately the ship’s targeting system, and the safety interlocks which prevented the missiles warheads from arming until they were of the ship had been damaged. The command given to fire all missiles in the ship’s magazine. The missiles left the launcher fully armed. Due to the damage to the targeting and guidance system, there was not enough room for the missiles to climb out of the small cannon. They slammed into the palace, doing an incredible amount of damage. The shockwave, tossed their ship into the air, nearly killing the party.

When the dust settled, a majority of the crew was injured. The other imperial gun ships had been destroyed, along with massive section of the palace. Naris and Neer, who had evade most injury climbed up into the palace to search for survivors. They found the body of the one of the Jedi. There was no sign of the others. They also found a hutt named Jabba who had been trapped in what had once been his Rancor pit. Apparently Jabba had been the owner of this palace when Obi-wan and company arrived. They came their friend seeking his aid in hiding them. Jabba, sensing an opportunity for profit as the Empire’s bounty on Jedi was substance, agreed to take them in. Obi-wan learned of his pending betrayal before Jabba could alert the empire. They took the palace for themselves, and locked in him the rancor pit. He’d been there for the past four years. Naris and Neer got him out the pit, rescuing him, and gaining a contact in the process.

Unknown to the party, the explosion had destroyed the Great Room of the Enlightened, the temple in which all of the b’omarr elders lived, erraticating much of their order.



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